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Owasso’s Halle Hance – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Renaissance Realty

Halle Hance is a senior at Owasso High School and a member of the varsity softball team. Hance said being part of the softball team at Owasso is like having an extended family.

“The softball team is my family. They are like sisters to me, and I always want to be a good influence and be there for all of them because I know they look up to me like I looked up to the seniors when I was younger. I ran track last year and I also have played lacrosse,” said Hance. “My team is my home away from home. All the girls are my best friends, and I would never trade them for anyone.”

The senior plans to attend Oklahoma State University next year for veterinary medicine. It’s a subject that is very important to her.

“I show Texas Longhorns under my family’s ranch,” said Hance.

While she is not a member of FFA, Hance said the benefits of being a member are great for a new student who is interested in being in a program for their entire high school career.

“FFA will change your life! The all-around environment is just something you cannot find anywhere else. Just be yourself and don’t try and be like someone,” said Hance. “My father was in FFA, and he told me all the fun memories he had and I knew it was something I needed to get involved with.

Texas Longhorns are considered an exotic breed, so Hance shows them under her families ranch. Family is important to Hance. “My parents have definitely been the biggest influence on my life. My mother always reminds me to be kind and once you start something you have to finish. My father is constantly pushing me to work hard at everything I do and be the best me I can be,” said Hance.

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