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Owasso Teacher of the Month – Stephani Barger – Presented by Wheels and Thrills

Stephani Barger found her life’s calling back in elementary school when her second grade teacher, Connie Plumlee, made an impact on her life. From that point forward Barger knew that she wanted to be a teacher and make a difference in the lives of others. Today Barger teaches ninth through twelfth grade History, Math, Life Skills and serves as the Special Education Department Head at Owasso High School. Barger has been with Owasso for almost two decades and began her career with Owasso as a paraprofessional before beginning her teaching career two years later.

“I love that this is my hometown. I am a third generation Owasso graduate,” Barger said. “Once a Ram, always a Ram. This is HOME.”

Barger’s passion for Owasso and teaching is reflected in her enthusiasm for teaching and effectiveness leading the classroom. In addition to teaching and her students she also assists with the Special Olympic Program. This fall Barger has been staying active managing activities and programs within the community.

“We are a unified champion school with Special Olympics,” Barger said. “We are in our fall sports season and it is going AWESOME. Our Unified Competitive volleyball program just secured a seat at regionals. We competed last month in cornhole. Over the next three weeks we will compete in a state soccer tournament, plus bowling, and volleyball area events. Our 95 member Special Olympics team will be very busy! We have 45 athletes and 45 unified partners on our team.”

While Barger wants her students to enjoy their time in the classroom and participating in activities she also works hard to ensure that they learn important life skills. The two core values which Barger focuses on are compassion and grace.

“I want all my students to become independent and hard working adults, but most importantly I want them to take kindness out and share it with the world,” Barger said. “I truly believe each and everyone of us has an important gift to share with the world. I hope to play a small part in helping my students find that purpose.”

Outside of the classroom Barger enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Barger and her husband have recently welcomed a grandson, Greyson, into the family and he has brought a new joy into their lives. 

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