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Owasso Teacher Of The Month – Shannon Beck – Presented By Wheels And Thrills

Teachers have many responsibilities in their classrooms and often go above and beyond simply teaching young people in their day-to-day jobs.

Shannon Beck, a teacher at Owasso, is an example of an educator who goes above and beyond for her students. Beck currently teaches Biology, Leadership 1, and Leadership 2 which ranges from freshman to seniors. In addition to teaching Beck is a student council advisor and helps with the Ram Flag Runners and student section at Owasso Athletic events.

“I started teaching in January of 2018,” Beck said. “I have always wanted to be a teacher. Helping others discover what they are passionate about has always been important to me.”

Beck has been teaching at Owasso throughout the entirety of her six-year career and loves what the school and community has to offer.

“My favorite thing about Owasso is the community. As Owasso has grown they have been able to hold on to that small town feel,” Beck said. “I truly believe I have the best students and it has everything to do with the culture of Owasso and the village of families and previous teachers and administrators that raised them to this point.”

This year Beck has been working with the student council to expand its philanthropic endeavors. A task she has been very involved with and excited to see gain momentum.

“This year we are starting a philanthropy week with Make-A-Wish and we are raising money to grant the wish of a local Owasso child,” Beck said. “I am so excited to watch this community rally around him and his family and see the impact it makes.”

For Beck, the most important thing that she can teach her students is how to be good people when they leave school. While she wants them to learn in the classroom, more importantly, she wants them to apply these skills in the real world and carry their lessons with them throughout their lives.

Outside of school Beck enjoys spending time with friends and family. She enjoys traveling whenever she gets the opportunity and is active in CrossFit.

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