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Owasso Teacher Spotlight – Leslie Wright – Presented By Wheels and Thrills

Leslie Wright always knew she wanted to be a teacher.

“From a very young age,” The Owasso High School teacher said, “I loved learning and also helping people. Being a teacher is a blend of the two.”

Wright, who teaches French II, Advanced French III, AP French and reading for pleasure at OHS, grew up in a family of educators. “My grandmother was a public school teacher and principal in Adair County, Oklahoma for 42 years. My mother was a music teacher and later also taught adults in the medical field of respiratory therapy.

“Saying it’s in my blood may be an overstatement, but many not.” Wright’s 24th year teaching, 22nd at Owasso is coming to its end next month.

“My students teach me every single day,” Wright said. “I honestly believe that I have the best students and they make me a better teacher and a better person. They have taught me that relationships come before curriculum.” If students don’t trust their teacher and feel safe within their classroom, Wright said “they won’t take chances.”

“Very often, while taking those chances, we fail,” Wright said. “Failure is often a necessary step
in the learning process.” Wright also puts effort into attending to students who “are used to being invisible.”

She aims to talk to every student when they enter the classroom.

“I’ve learned to not take myself so seriously; to embrace the silliness and admit my mistakes when they happen. They respect that more.”

Wright’s familial ties to education established her reverence for the profession. Education is “power” and not to be taken for granted as far as Wright is concerned. I can still hear my mother say ‘No one can take away your education. It’s yours,’” Wright said. “I honestly feel like public education is the support system for all communities and cultures. Without an educated populace, we cannot thrive.

“We don’t just teach our subject area. We teach critical thinking, cooperation, being resilient and

Family and friendship is still paramount for the busy Wright. She spends her free time traveling with the people closest to her. She also stays fit with dancing, running, yoga, weight training and cycling.

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